New Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones For 70% Longer

Cuberg’s Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones For 70% Longer!

Cuberg is a US-based startup that is on the cusp of a technological breakthrough for the batteries. Cuberg is working on the next generation of batteries that will find their applications in drones and even something bigger. The company enjoys support from venture capitalists, Boeing, and the US Department of Energy. It has recently released a video of its new lithium metal battery that was used in a quadcopter. The quadcopter was able to fly 70% longer as opposed to the one that was powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Cuberg’s Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones For 70% Longer!

The Cuberg battery makes use of a new and non-flammable electrolyte that removes the safety issues that are linked with the common lithium-ion batteries. Cuberg aims to be a part of the future of flying and says that the conventional lithium-ion batteries are not fulfilling the demands. Not only are they heavy but they also underperform, are likely to undergo rapid degradation, and are a fire hazard.

Cuberg says that the lithium-ion batteries might suffice for your little hobby-drone but when you scale up for bigger flying objects including cargo drones, electric planes, or Uber Elevate; they are just not enough. The biggest downside of using the conventional lithium-ion batteries is their tendency of catching fires – this happens when the flammable electrolyte is not able to vent gasses that react with the cathode.

This reaction with the cathode causes runaway heating, fire, and sometimes explosions as well. Cuberg claims that its new electrolyte is thermally stable. That is to say that if other materials inside the vehicle are overheating; the battery continues to remain stable and safe while providing a higher energy density.

The electrolyte can also be introduced into the existing lithium-ion batteries for improving their processes. In order to make a huge impact in the battery industry, it is essential that a new battery can be introduced into a saturated market that already has a lot of infrastructure around it. In simpler words; the battery must make sense in terms of business as well.

Cuberg’s Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones For 70% Longer!

Cuberg has grown exponentially ever since its inception and within three years has secured grants worth $1.57 million from California Energy Commission for scaling up their production. The drone taxi industry, you see, has massive potential! Uber CEO has already stated that the company’s flying taxi service will be called Uber Elevate and will be up and running within five to ten years. It is in the flight industry that Cuberg’s new battery will find the most of its applications.

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