New Kickstarter Project Will Help You Get Rid of Bad Bathroom Odors Like a Boss

Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat

Have you ever shared a bathroom before? We know exactly the torture that you’ve been through or made others go through. It sure is some nasty business, right? The worst part of it is the smell that lingers on and haunts you. There wasn’t really a solution to this up till now; say hello to Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat.Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat.2

Yes, they are going to the root of the problem folks. It is a Kickstarter project right now, but hopefully will soon materialize into something that will take the horror of sharing a bathroom away from us all. The gadget has a hose that has been connected to the toiled and leads outdoors and blows away the odors with help of a fan that has been built into it.Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat.3

Apparently, the setting up process is what will be the most difficult of all. You’ll have to plug the toilet seat to an electrical outlet and will have to drill a hole for the hose. Not to mention that this approach won’t be possible for renters living in apartments. Keeping feasibility aside, in theory, the project sure seems nice and more efficient as compared to a traditional air freshener that works by imparting its own scent and tries to subdue the bad odor.Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat.4 Fresh Air Plus Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat.5

You can warrant a unit with a pledge of $180.

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