New iPad App Xavion Can Help You Land An Airplane Like A Professional Pilot

XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts 6

We all know that pilots are experienced personnel who have massive experience and training under their belt. However, with the advancement in technology and new breakthroughs being achieved nowadays, pilots do rely on autopilot systems to help them in flying. These systems are expensive and require FAA approval before they can be used. An app by the name of Xavion is being developed that will prove to be a cheap and convenient alternative and shall be able to run on iPhone and iPad.XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts 3 XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts 4

Paired to the TruTrak Autopilot system via Wi-Fi, this new app shall take over the plane’s control and will aim for the safest landing spot that is possible to execute. The user interface is quite simple and according to the creator behind the app, it also circumvents the FAA certification requirement thus making it quite economical.XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts 2 XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts XAVION App – Autopilot App for Aircrafts 5

The app has a very simple user interface complete with features that equip the users with as much information as possible minus the complexity part. However, It is currently decades away from receiving approval from FAA. The creators also said that pilots are to use the app on their own discretion.

Would you believe in a pilot making use of such means for autopilot purpose? Let us know in the comments section below!


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