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New Infrared Laser Technique Allows Teeth To Regrow And Repair Themselves Naturally

Scary and creepy – these are the first thoughts that emerge once someone mentions dentist and why won’t they be? The dentist places his tools right in front of the patient and you feel like a guinea pig sitting on the comfortable chair with your mouth open. You’ll find that most of the people, usually, avoid visiting a dentist because of these reasons. The drilling followed by poking, grinding and scraping does give you shivers. Right now, we are still making use of the traditional techniques of dentistry when it comes to filling cavities; however, this will hopefully change soon enough.

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute has finally come up with a solution that will eliminate conventional methods when it comes to repairing teeth. What this research team has concluded is that if you use an infrared laser, you can stimulate the natural tooth repair. In their research, which was in fact aimed at stimulating the natural tooth growth, they realized that making use of low-level light therapy facilitates and speeds up the natural healing process.

The first phase of testing was carried out on rats during which the team drilled holes in their teeth (ouch) and then directed the infrared laser at the drilled area. The laser enabled stimulation of stem cells to create new dentin; basic building element of teeth cores.

The research is being led by Dr. David Mooney who said that this particular method is very promising for reparative therapy and can extend beyond teeth repair. However, as of now, the team is focusing on dentistry only. The next phase of testing will involve humans and collaboration with the National Institute of Health to come up with a safety protocol. However, owing to the fact that lasers are already being used in medical science, Dr. David is hopeful that the whole process will be completed without any hiccups.