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Head Transplants Performed By Robots Are Planned Within The Next Decade

Head Transplants Performed By Robots Planned Within The Decade

Within the next decade, head transplant procedures conducted only by robotic surgeons may become the new normal. BrainBridge, a startup, claims that this ground-breaking technology may soon be accessible to you. 

The mastermind behind BrainBridge is Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Berlin-based molecular biologist turned filmmaker, producer, author, and science communicator. His latest venture, aims to utilize high-speed robotic systems to maintain brain condition while transplanting a head onto a compatible donor body.  

But this raises the question: Isn’t this more of a body transplant? There are certainly more pressing questions to consider first. 

BrainBridge’s conceptual video comes with a content warning, given the nature of the project. The procedure, driven by AI algorithms, involves numerous robotic arms removing the head and attaching it to a new torso, reconnecting the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels. Proprietary chemical adhesives and polyethylene glycol would be used to reconnect severed neurons. 

“I’m thrilled to announce BrainBridge, the world’s first concept for a head transplant system, which integrates advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to execute complete head and face transplantation procedures,” Al-Ghaili announced on social media. “This state-of-the-art system offers new hope to patients suffering from untreatable conditions such as stage-4 cancer, paralysis, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.” 

Al-Ghaili first teased this groundbreaking project on X late last year and has outlined an eight-year roadmap to the first surgery. This timeline allows him to recruit “top talent to overcome current challenges” in medical science, particularly the complexities of spinal cord repair. He plans to begin with successful spinal cord surgeries before advancing to head and body transplants. 

Despite the bold vision, the medical science community has remained largely silent in response to BrainBridge’s launch. The concept of head transplants is not new, with controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero having promised similar surgeries as early as 2017. However, his efforts never progressed beyond swapping body parts on two corpses. 

Still, Al-Ghaili’s innovative approach deserves recognition. The startup’s website states, “BrainBridge will be able to conduct face and scalp transplantation to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.” 

BrainBridge is still in the conceptual phase, so those eager to join a waitlist will need to be patient.  

And if you missed Al-Ghaili’s previous project, the EctoLife baby factory promotional video, it’s worth a look:

Source: BrainBridge

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