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New In-Ear Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Without Disturbing Others

Earlarm 4

Nothing is more annoying than being woken up by an alarm that you did not set, as in, the alarm that was set by your partner for himself/herself and now you are a victim too. It turns into a major frustration when you can’t even go back to sleep once you are up. The moron who had set the alarm in first place is still fast asleep – Hulk Smash Time. Here comes the latest alarm clock that is capable of waking up only the person who intended to get up by employing earplugs, which will ensure that the alarm gets through only to its recipient. This new alarm clock, Earlarm, has been created by Kyungmi Moon who is a 24 year old design graduate from Seoul, South Korea. Ms Moon has definitely solved a major issue that results in fights.

The Earlarm comes with two foam ear plugs which are also able to cancel noise and that’s not the only thing which they do. They come with built in speakers which are connected to the clock via Bluetooth and will ring the alarm for you. The alarm can be set using a smartphone (if you still don’t own one, man go out and already buy one.) How the idea came to Ms Moon is an interesting story as well. She is a light sleeper while her neighbors love partying and therefore, she made use of earplugs while sleeping. However, this practice often resulted in oversleeping and that is when it struck her, Why not combine the earplugs and alarm clock together? And here she is expecting to win a Reddor design award for this. The earplugs can be charged via the clock component of the Earlarm. Ms Moon said; ‘I am a light sleeper and unfortunately my flat was not properly soundproofed and party animals lived next door. I couldn’t get to sleep easily and would wake up in the middle of night because of noise such as laughter and loud music. Sometimes alarm clocks from next door would wake me up when I didn’t want to get up. At that moment, the idea [for Earlarm] flashed through my mind – what if that alarm was in my ear just like the earplugs?’

According to Ms Moon it is ‘an alarm clock only for you’. She further added; ‘the tiny alarm clock in your ears shuts out noise just like earplugs so you can sleep soundly, and the ringing in your ear wakes you up without waking other people.’

As of now there are no details on when and for how much will this gadget be available. However, we hope it’s coming soon and at an affordable price.

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