New Hyundai Genesis Is Capable of Cheating Speed Cameras

Hyundai Genesis 3

You might have faced the frustration of getting a speeding ticket when you were merely above the limit by a few digits or when you unknowingly sped up the car. However, law is law and therefor you do have to pay the penalty. However, Hyundai has just revealed the Genesis; a car capable of ‘cheating’ the speed cameras by virtue of slowing down automatically if the driver doesn’t drive under the speed limit when car approaches a speed camera.Hyundai Genesis.jpg

The luxury sedan employs GPS location to detect if there is a camera nearby and applies brakes automatically before passing the speed camera. System relies on the GPS for detecting cameras and notifying the driver followed by braking and does not cater to the mobile cameras.

The protocol is as follows; the driver is notified via beep when the camera is about 800 meters away if the driver is above speed limit and this is followed by another beep if the speed is still over the limit, consequently the braking system comes into action resulting in slowing down of the car.Hyundai Genesis 3

Guido Schenken, company’s spokesman, said during the launch of the car a Seoul; ‘It knows there is a speed camera there, it knows where the speed camera is and it will adopt the correct speed.’ The technology is also capable of handling the highway speed camera that is effective over longer ranges of distances.

It’s great but raises a controversial question right away; should this be allowed? You are basically putting others and yourself at risk when you speed the vehicle over the speed limit and by having this technology in your car, you are also able to tackle the issue of speed cameras (the incentive to not go over the speed limit is gone now). Although many argue that it is nothing different than those drivers who know the locations of speed cameras and adjust speed accordingly.

Hyundai Genesis 2

Hyundai Genesis 4

Despite the controversial debate, Hyundai has plans to launch the release of Genesis in October 2014 at Australia. Although, the first batch won’t contain the technology and Hyundai has stated that it will be implemented later on. Apart from the speed camera ‘cheat’, the braking technology will also be implemented to avoid collision; the car will detect when it is about to hit the car in front and shall apply brakes to slow it down and avoid a possible accident.


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  1. Michael 1963 Reply

    From Italy: La Hyundai Genesis è davvero bella!!! Però dovrebbero assolutamente fare una versione diesel per il mercato europeo! Soprattutto in Italia, con un motore a benzina di 3.800 c.c. sarà praticamente invendibile! Con un diesel di circa 3.000 c.c. invece, sarebbe interessante! Io che amo le automobili “alternative”, sarei molto interessato all’acquisto di un’auto del genere!

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