New Google Fortune-Telling Website Has A Surprise For You

google fortunetelling

“When will you die?”, “Where can I find a safe place?”, “Will humans ever stop fighting war?”, “Will I ever return to my family?”, “Is there a place where they will accept me?”. How many questions can a person ask a fortune-teller?

The Google search engine apparently claims to have developed a capability of fortune-telling, and just the prospect of knowing the future is lucrative enough to make you try it at least once!

The Google “Fortune-telling” web page went viral after people saw it promising to predict their future. Of course, it was a fake, but not a mere diversion to some cheap product or scheme, but only to confront the people with a very real and current issue – the refugee crisis!

As soon as you enter a question or choose from the preset one, the Google Beta page redirects to a new page that reveals the real purpose of the “fortunetelling scam.” The page has an admonishing tone where it states how they obviously can’t predict your future, but they want to create awareness about the 60 million war-forced refugees who are not even sure if they have a future at all.

Pic Credits: beta Google

Playing on the people’s inherent fixation with trying to know and overestimate their futures, Google’s “fake” website gets very real very fast. It aims to raise more awareness about the refugee crisis and prompt the people who are too concerned about their future and day-to-day lives to think about the refugees’ future.

“With this project we want to create awareness. We need structural solutions on political level for this growing European problem. Please feel free to donate your time, money or love and spread the word,” the site says.

The site prompts the users to contribute to their local initiatives related to refugee crisis or donate to a charity. In case you are wondering if this is an official Google page; it is not affiliated with the company but is just using the tech giant’s brand to attract more people towards the cause.

The site is the brainchild of a Netherlands-based company that wants to rid the people of their apathy and is focusing more towards the pressing refugee issue.

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