New Ducati Bikes Will Have Airbags That Will Save Hundreds Of Lives

Ducati D-Air6

Airbags have been used for quite some time and have helped save lives in case of car crashes. However, there wasn’t much application for them when it came to bikes. There is just no sense in incorporating an airbag onto a bike. Ducati Motorcycles in collaboration with Dainese have therefore decided to incorporate an airbag in the jacket of the rider.Ducati D-Air

The Alpinestar’s Tech-Air is well known partly because of it saving the life of Moto GP rider Marc Marquez when he crashed at a speed of 210 Mph. The airbag system was fully deployed 30 milliseconds before he made impact with the ground. Milliseconds, folks, that’s a very little time window you are looking at.Ducati D-Air2 Ducati D-Air3

Ducati has started efforts for bringing this safety gadget to bikers via their D-Air that comes as part of the package when you purchase $19,995 Multistrada S Touring Bike. As opposed to the traditional airbag jackets that rely on a ripcord or lanyard to deploy the system, D-Air is wireless and therefore helps in saving those milliseconds that really make a difference. Gyroscope sensors located at front and rear of the bike along with the 3 accelerometers are able to detect an accident in about 25 milliseconds and once that happens, the onboard system sends a signal to airbags and within 15 milliseconds, the 5 cm thick airbag is deployed, protecting the rider’s back, chest and neck. The airbag, as per Ducati, is capable of reducing the chest trauma by 92% and back trauma by 82%.Ducati D-Air5 Ducati D-Air7 Ducati D-Air4

The unveiling of Multistrada D-Air System took place in Bologna where the Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali said; ‘We need to tell our customers that we are taking care of them. If the system we have developed with Dainese can save just one life then it will pay back all the effort the two companies have put into this.’
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