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New Diverging Diamond Interchange Will Improve The Traffic Flow In Florida

Most of the driving accidents are attributed to the left turns that are riskier and are more dangerous. Albeit the differences in the European and the American transportation systems, Florida has opted for a diamond interchange, which is a typically European transport system feature.

The unique characteristic of the DDI is that it eliminates the need for the risky left turns and enhances the overall flow of the traffic.



The junction is called DDI, the abbreviated form of Diverging Diamond Interchange. The particular layout of the interchange forces the traffic lanes to drive on the other side of the road by crossing each other. This approach allows smoother exit or entry of the traffic without disturbing the normal flow of the traffic stream.


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Most of the road accidents on the interchanges occur at the intersections. The diverging diamond interchange allows traffic crossing at only two points, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents by minimizing the crossovers. The Federal Department of Transportation has urged the states across America to adopt this technique for traffic management.


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The first diverging diamond interchange in Florida is expected to be completed in two years, just in time for the World Rowing Championship at Nathan Benderson Park scheduled from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1, 2017. DDI, along with other innovations like autonomous vehicles, will definitely improve the circumstances to make driving a less dangerous task.