New Demo Shows How You Can Now Talk To NPCs In Games Using AI – And It Could Change Video Games Forever

Inworld’s latest tech demo has revolutionized the video game industry by enabling the creation of AI-powered game characters with fully-formed personalities that can engage in verbal conversations. This breakthrough has rendered conversation trees and scripted dialogues obsolete. Anyone can create interactive characters without needing any knowledge of coding and publish them online.

The character creation process can be as simple or complex as desired. The AI can generate characters based on a brief description, 2D and 3D avatars or information from a Wikipedia page. More detailed characters can be created by specifying personality traits, motivations, interests, history, and emotional tendencies. Specific facts and knowledge can be added, along with goals or tasks to perform. Different voices and dialogue styles can be chosen, and pre-scripted interactions can be provided.

Testing is easy and immediate, either by speaking to the character or using a library of pre-built characters. Although the technology is still in its early stages, verbal interactions are almost instantaneous. However, there are some issues with facial animations, voices, and character monologues. These minor issues will undoubtedly be improved by game studios as technology evolves.

The traditional conversation trees and scripted dialogue in video games are now obsolete, thanks to the new tech demo from Inworld. Players can now create their own AI-powered game characters with fully-formed personalities and engage with them verbally. The experience is astonishing and shows that conversational AIs are ready for prime time.

Inworld has created a platform that allows video game studios, or anyone, to create interactive characters without needing to know how to code. The character creation process can be streamlined or made as complex as desired. Users can write a character’s description and upload 2D and 3D avatars or generate them using other services.

Users can also input a character’s Wikipedia URL to import information about their personality, motivations, interests, and more. The system offers a range of voices and dialogue styles and provides pre-scripted interactions to help steer the AI’s responses.

The characters can be tested immediately through verbal or text interactions. While still in an alpha stage, the technology is incredibly responsive, with virtually no delay involved in verbal interactions. However, there are some shortcomings, such as poor facial animations and robotic voices. In any case, it is an exceptional experience that offers richness and immersion, particularly in VR.

Image courtesy: New Atlas

The conversational models have been used beyond gaming, with users coding avatars into practical helpers such as language teachers, songwriting assistants, personal stylists, and more. However, this technology also poses some significant risks. Users must be cautious about divulging personal information to these digital beings as they are ultimately controlled by corporations.

In summary, technology is moving rapidly, and it is clear that we are living in the future. To experience it for yourself, sign in to the Inworld Arcade, pick a character, turn on your microphone, select Avatar Chat, and just interact.

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