New Cruise Ship Has Robotic Bartenders To Prepare Drinks For You

Quantum of the Seas – Robotic Bartenders3

Cruise ships come with a multitude of features and luxuries to make your life worthy of living. In essence, these cruise ships are just hotels floating in seas. Offering amazing dining and entertainment services, cruise ships boast all the luxuries of a hotel – hence the comparison with hotels. The Royal Caribbean has recently unveiled the Quantum of the Seas – the cruise ship with the latest advancements in technology incorporated into it. Do you think it floats? Read on!Quantum of the Seas – Robotic Bartenders5

Let’s see why it is such an awesome ship. The ship has Wi-Fi service available for 24 hours and shall allow you to work from the cruise ship if you choose to work over Internet. The cruise package has an app to help passengers in managing and scheduling the vacation. As for hardware-technologies, there are 18 restaurants, bumper cars, trapeze lessons, skydiving and live entertainment.Quantum of the Seas – Robotic Bartenders

If that that doesn’t great, how about we add two robotic bartenders to the mix? Meet B1-0 and N1-C who are being powered by Carlo Ratti and MIT Senseable Lab’s Makr Shakr. Multiple variations of cocktails can be created by the bionic arms of Makr Shakr that execute very precise and subtle motions. The motions were, in fact, modeled after Roberto Bolle – principle dancer of the American Ballet Theater. These robotic bartenders are awesome, but restricted to the bar and as far as serving drinks is concerned, human waiters do the job (you’ll still have to pay the tip!).Quantum of the Seas – Robotic Bartenders4

Though we will have to wait to get feedback from the passengers of the cruise, it is surely one great step in terms of technological development. Wouldn’t you agree?


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