New Cold Tube Panels Are The Air-Conditioners Of Future

People living in hotter areas beat the heat by using conventional air-conditioners even if they have to pay a hefty amount every month for its electricity consumption.

Split a/c’s and Window a/c’s produce toxic carbon emissions that have damaged our environment at large. They’re additionally not in every case useful for our wellbeing, as consistent exposure to such artificial cooling can cause various health complications. A constant presence in A/C causes the dangers of recycled germs, which can mess our breathing process.

According to a group of analysts from the University of British Columbia, Princeton University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Singapore-ETH Center, there’s a much better alternative to escape the hot weather by using cold tube panels. They have demonstrated that it is real, much cheaper, and provides a sustainable solution for global warming.

Cold Tube Panels Mechanism

Climate control systems that we are familiar with work by chilling off and dehumidifying the air around us. It is a costly and not an environment-friendly method which is in use for decades now. Whereas the Cold Tube works by absorbing the warmth that is transmitted by radiation from an individual, causing a chilly effect without even cooling the air but consuming the heat. The process will save ample energy, and almost everyone could benefit from the novel phenomenon once the tech gets available at large.

The Cold Tube panels are a set of rectangular ceilings or roof boards that are kept cold by chilled water moving inside them. Since heat moves typically by radiation from a more hot surface to a cold surface, hence when an individual stands next to or under the board, their body heat shifts towards the colder board. This causes a fantastic effect of cooling in our bodies, which feels like chilled air is crossing over, no matter how high the temperature. I must say, science is progressing pretty fast!

Even though a similar technique is used by industries and in huge buildings for quite long, the difference of the novel process of cooling with cold tube panels is it doesn’t use dehumidification as the former one.

Demonstrating Its Usefulness

The group of analysts constructed an outside unit a year ago in Singapore, and they welcomed 55 individuals in an arguably hotter day, the temperature was around 30 degrees celsius.

They asked the individuals to analyze the cooling method critically. While the system was running, most members gave out positive feedbacks as they were of the view that it made them feel chilly on the skin, causing a much more relaxing effect on the body, all of this without even dehumidifying the atmosphere around them.

Please think of the wonders it could do in outside spaces while hotter regions fight with summers. It could cool down the market places, parks, play areas, and outdoor events, all with the slightest of cost. The team who invented this fantastic technology aims to adjust the structure for indoor spaces that commonly utilize conventional cooling.

Cold Tube panel cooling is a concept that doesn’t relate to the room temperature or the levels of humidity. The reason is simple; it absorbs the heat, which resultingly produces a cooling effect. This is the reason which makes it work even with the windows open, and ideal for outdoors. It could be mainly applied in developing countries or countries with a massive energy crisis, making it an excellent heat escaping solution for them.

 The team who worked to make this possible has announced to get this technology working by 2022.


  1. De Bruin Reply

    You could roof the marketplace with solar panels and run the AC or your cooling system of the solar panels.

  2. Imran Anjum Reply

    I am an HVAC Engineer. I don’t agree to the phenomenon descibed in the article above. Since cooling medium is chilled water, net amount of energy consumed by the system remain same as the conventional system. Conversly, as system is not operating in a controlled area, large amount of energy is required to achieve similar cooling effect.
    This can not be an ultimate cooling solution to humanity.

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