New Cloud Based Medication Dispenser Makes Sure You Never Miss A Dose

Livi despenser2

One of the most tedious tasks at any medical facility is to keep track of all the doses and see if any medicines are missed by the patients or the staff. Physicians prescribe medicines in exact quantities to stimulate a response inside the patient’s body. If we don’t follow the strict dosage, the recovery of the patient can be affected. So, it is a tedious and sensitive process that needs automation at least at some level and this Pharmright Corporation’s Livi Dispenser is one of the first  of such machines that help the staff keep track of medication and reminds them if they miss something. It can carry a 90-day supply of medicine and up to 15 different types of pills at once.

The Livi operation begins with us taking the pills and emptying them in the storage compartments of the dispenser. Each is meant for a different medication. Afterward, you follow the prompt to set up the dosing schedule and the name of the medicine in each compartment. Afterwards, the machine gives exact dosage when required and alert you visually or through sounds if you miss any. There are different kinds of medicine that cannot be stored in it like syrups and ointments. In that case, the machine will just alert you to administer them and take your input.

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If any caregiver misses the dose, the hospital administration and the negligent personality himself will receive an email regarding it and multiple offenders can be brought to disciplinarian control with the help of this. Also, once a patient misses a dose, his entire plan has to be recalibrated and reorganized which is also done by the machine using the online portal named LiviWeb. It can also be adjusted to follow different commands just with the help of this portal.

Also, since it is operated over the internet, it can be changed via any mobile platform as well making dosage administration much easier than ever before. It can also detect that it is getting low in certain kinds of medicine and alert the concerned person via email and visual notification.

Livi despenser

The useful medical gadget is being currently given a trial to potential customers in the major healthcare industries. If all goes as planned, Livi will go on retail at the end of this year with a subscription price of 100$ per month. It is much lower than the salaries of nursing staff we have to pay around the clock just to manage the doses. It does a much better job as well.

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