New Buses That Clean The Air Start Off In The UK

While old buses are notorious for polluting the air with their exhaust fumes, this one actually does the opposite-It cleans air!

Many countries have joined the drive for cleaning their air from harmful substances and the UK is one of them.UK’s largest Bus and Oil Operator, the Go-Ahead-Group has launched UK’s first air filtering bus that will make the air cleaner-not dirtier, as it travels.

This eco-friendly bus is designed to have a high particle removal efficiency without any side effects. If the technology proves successful, about 4600 more such buses could be added on the road.

Photo: Blue star

Air pollution has become a menace all over the world. With issues like smog becoming more common, the occurrence of respiratory and breathing-related issues is becoming more common. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the cause of over 4.2 million deaths around the world.

Air Pollution is killing millions over the world.

The Blue star bus has been designed with a special filter that removes ultra-fine particles from the air and traps them and the bus, as a result, the air blows out cleaner, purer air.

Manufactured by Pall Aerospace, the world’s largest aerospace and defense filtration company, this air filtration technology has a particle removal efficiency of 99.5%. The filter technology is fitted in the roof of the bus and does not affect passenger experience in any way.

The Go-Ahead Group unveiled the impressive prototype last month at the Guildhall Square in Southampton.

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