New British Airways Billboards Point At Flying Airplanes In Real Time

Advertising and Billboards – Good Job British Airways 3

Advertising and Billboards – Good Job British AirwaysAdvertising’s main purpose is to attract customers and to make them remember a particular product. There are different marketing campaigns which are run in order to achieve this. For instance, you can compare the marketing campaigns of Coca Cola and Pepsi. The key idea, once again, is to come up with a strategy which gains popularity amongst the customers and this is reflected, eventually, in the sales of the product being advertised. Today we shall talk about one such creative advertising method that has been employed by British Airways and is gaining popularity.

Advertising and Billboards – Good Job British Airways 4This new strategy involves a billboard which is like a normal billboard until a British Airways flight passes over it. At that point you can see a child pointing towards the flight and flight particulars being displayed on the billboard. This is done by making use of surveillance techniques that have been developed by Ogilvy 12th Floor. Ogilvy 12th Floor is an advertising agency and after looking at what they’ve accomplished, we believe they are doing a fine job. Using surveillance, the flight coming in is identified and the regular display is changed to that of a child who points towards the sky while the flight number, point of origin and other particulars are displayed alongside the child.

Advertising and Billboards – Good Job British Airways 2

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  1. Stu Reply

    Great idea. Take the tech that’s on many mobile phones and make an interesting ad out of it. Nice

  2. Dean Paterson Reply

    Remind me never to fly B/A who’s breach of security close to the ground in this day and age only targets them. What a poorly conceived idea.

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