New Bottle Cap Reminds You To Drink Water During The Day

Vittel Refresh Cap

We have been advised all our lives to keep ourselves hydrated because staying hydrated ensures that your body is well regulated. However, with how busy the life has become, it often happens that we go without water for hours. Keeping this in mind; Vittel has come up with a simple yet ingenious idea for a bottle cap that will remind you to drink water. Known as the Vittel Refresh Cap, it comes from French marketing agency Oglivy Paris.Vittel Refresh Cap 3

What’s so special about the cap is its ability to remind the user to have some water after every hour. It comes with a built-in alarm system that can be set to remind you after a set time interval to drink water. Upon first look, the cap looks like a regular cap, however, a more detailed look reveals that there is a timer band which has been incorporated just beneath the top. The cap is screwed like any other normal cap, however, upon the screwing, a timer is set in motion.Vittel Refresh Cap 4

Once the time interval completes; a tiny spring inside the cap will be activated resulting in the popping up of a flag at the top of cap to draw attention of the user to the bottle. The cap was basically part of a research study that was focused on finding out if this approach helped people in hydrating more often. Vittel Refresh Cap 2As per Oglivy Paris the initial findings were positive! However, whether this gadget is made publicly available or not still remains to be seen. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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