New Boston Dynamics Robot Is Like A Monkey On Rollerblades

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Since the last leak of the video of Boston Dynamics’ latest spectacle about a month ago, the world has been going crazy on speculations and anticipation of the robot’s specifications and capabilities. Today, we finally got our hands on the first official reveal of Handle, and as expected, it has blown our minds away!

The unique two-legged cum wheeled robot shows incredible jumping abilities as the footage records it quickly leaping over obstacles while zooming off at decent speeds. The extended version of the video shows the two-legged robot performing a host of other functions, which includes moving up and down a flight of stairs like a pro despite the wheeled platform.

Credits: YouTube

The Handle can stand upright on two legs despite weighing hundreds of pounds. Since it balances on a pair of wheels, it can also hit a top speed of 9 mph and skip over an obstacle almost four feet tall. As with every Boston Dynamics’ wonder, the robot is not made to be commercialized, but it is part of a research project to create robots to outperform human beings.

Handle uses ten motorized joints to stake off at high speeds and maneuver through the cities that are primarily made to accommodate two-legged walkers. The simplicity of the design portrays that unlike its counterpart robot Atlas, Handle will not require a military-sized budget when it comes to commercializing the robot.

The sky is the limit regarding applications and uses of robots like Handle!

In which domains do you think the Handle can be useful? Comment below!

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