New App Lets You Delete Your Messages From The Other Person’s Device After A Chat

Wiper Messaging App 2

We all love technology and cherish how it has brought people together, but, there are certain times when one feels insecure due to the same advancements in technology. For instance; how many times have you sent a text to the wrong person? Exactly, we don’t have much control over the conversation copy that the recipient has on his device. Well, we didn’t have enough control up till now; say hello to Wiper.
Wiper Messaging App
Wiper Messaging App 2

It works like any other available messaging app but with a slight tweak and ace up its sleeve. The user has the authority to wipe away the entire conversation from both ends (the sender and recipient’s) by simply tapping a ‘Wipe’ button. The app has been created by Manlio Carrelli who was struck with the idea after he realized how little or almost no control users had on their conversations.Wiper Messaging App3 Wiper Messaging App4

In Manlio’s words; ‘We worked in a messaging space for a long time. What always frustrated us was that you didn’t always have control or visibility into how long your service providers keep your information. You often don’t know how long your service provider keeps it, and you have zero control over deleting it.’ Oh yes, once you click ‘Wipe’ the conversation is also removed from the Wiper’s servers.Wiper Messaging App6 Wiper Messaging App5

This allows for the users to be bolder and have more control over what they say and if they want it to remain available. Carrelli says; ‘A lot of these other ephemeral messaging systems, it’s tough to have a normal conversation. Without that capability, your stuff just sits around forever.’ Wiper will also alert you if the recipient is attempting to take a screenshot of the conversation.

Wiper has already raised $2.5 million in funds and is currently available in 17 languages for both iOS and Android.



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