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New App Converts Your Face Into An Animated Character Over Video Chat

Many people aren’t exactly fond of showing themselves over webcam and some would argue that a smart alternative has been in the cards for some time. One of the things I got fascinated watching in my younger years was the concept of face mimicry using digitally created faces of your favorite characters from the movies, video games and animated series. FaceRig is an actual adaptation of this technology  and it is a pleasant surprise that this new tech can actually do it very well over webcam.

You can choose a 3-D Avatar and it will mimic your facial expression and lip movement extremely well. It can be used over any kind of app like Skype, Viber and even Facebook Call as long as they used webcam. Right now, it is in advanced stages of development and undergoing crowd-funding on IndieGoGo. You can get your hands on this amazing futuristic software for just 5 $ on an early bird initiative at the crowdfunding site.

Take a look at the range of emotions your favorite character can portray

Quite accurate, aren’t they?

Or if you are a Warcraft or Devil May Cry fan, you can always choose a ferocious looking beast repeating your words after you.

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