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Hyperloop Tubes Have Been Spotted In Nevada Desert

Nevada Desert Is Home To The First Hyperloop Tubes

The first Hyperloop tubes have been sent to the Nevada desert for the Hyperloop Technologies’ eventual test track and this points towards the obvious; the first successful Hyperloop run might take place in 2016.
These tubes are to be used to accelerate the passenger carrying pod up to 700 mph. As of right now though, these tubes tell us that the company, Hyperloop Technologies, is serious about creating full-scale track for testing the Hyperloop system.

CEO of Hyperloop Technologies, Rob Lloyd said, “We actually have the whole company riveted behind achieving our own Kitty Hawk moment.” For those of you who didn’t get the reference, he was referring to the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina – the location where the Wright brothers were able to execute the first airplane flight.

The test will take place in North Las Vegas and shall be open and enclosed. The proposed test is also shorter than the full-scale system and the testing is scheduled for early 2016. The tubes that we were talking about will not be employed for the abovementioned test track.

These tubes are to be incorporated into the two-mile track that will be testing the full-scale prototype system. Hyperloop Technologies is still looking for a location where the system will be installed and until one is found, the tubes shall stay in Nevada.

Lloyd further said that the startup is aiming to complete Hyperloop by 2021, maybe by 2020 if they ‘continue to see the progress we are making today.’

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