Netflix Has Started Booting Subscribers Off Its Cheapest Basic Ads-Free Plan

Netflix has begun notifying subscribers that their access to the service under the cheapest Basic ads-free plan is ending. On-screen messages inform users of the last day they can watch Netflix unless they upgrade. One Reddit user shared a notification from the Netflix app stating, “Your last day to watch Netflix is July 13th. Choose a new plan to keep watching.” Subscribers are being encouraged to switch to either the cheaper Standard with ads plan or the more expensive Standard or Premium 4K plans.

In the UK, users have been informed that their £7.99 per month Basic plan is discontinued. They can now opt for the Standard with adverts plan at £4.99 or the Standard plan at £10.99. The Standard plan includes access to 1080p streams, viewing on two devices simultaneously, and downloads on up to two devices. Conversely, the Standard with adverts tier still offers 1080p video quality but includes ads during streaming.

Canadian subscribers are also receiving notifications about the end of their Basic plan. In Canada, the price increase is more pronounced, rising from $9.99 for the Basic plan to $16.49 for the Standard plan. Alternatively, users can choose the Standard with Ads plan at $5.99, saving $4.

Since last year, new members in the US have not been allowed to sign up for the $11.99 monthly Basic plan. During its earnings call in early 2024, Netflix said that it will be retiring its Basic plan in countries where the advertising plan has been implemented. The first countries to be affected are Canada and the UK in the second quarter, followed by more countries. In May, Netflix revealed that 40 million people worldwide utilize its ad-supported streaming tier each month, up 35 million from the previous year.

By encouraging more consumers to sign up for Netflix’s ad-supported tiers, this strategic move seeks to increase advertising revenue while maintaining competitive streaming service prices.

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