This Nerf Rival Blaster Can Fire 20 Foam Balls Each Second at 70MPH

Nerf Rival

Nerf’s Rival Blaster fires small foam balls to carry out a nice battle in your backyard or maybe in your office during the break. The foam balls are fired at a speed of 70-miles per hour. This was not much fun for Captain Xavier on YouTube. He hacked his Nerf Rival and turned it into an amazing spinning shotgun that fires 2000-shots from its backpack.

This is an amazing modification done by Captain Xavier. He can now blast up to 20 foam balls every second. The ammo in his equipment lasts for more than a minute and a half without needing a top-off. The modified Nerf Rival is an amazing equipment to fire with but you have to pick up 2000 foam balls from your backyard at the end of the session.


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