Navdy Adds A Jet Fighter Heads-Up Display To Your Car


Navdy’s smart display for cars was launched back in 2014 when the company used crowdfunding to raise around two and a half million dollars, and now it has announced the amazing product is officially open for shipping.

Navdy is simple enough to use, it will hook up with your smartphone or in-dash info system and then display everything on your car’s windscreen, as it is “less distracting and safer.”

The idea might sound simple, but its execution’s creativity and novelty made it popular. The product takes your GPS routes, text messages, and other details you want to view and then display it on an almost completely clear piece of glass, which is placed just inside of your windshield located below the natural line of sight of the driver.

Pic Credits: engadget

This makes all the information float like they are right on the road in front of you. And using the sensors above your steering wheel tracking your hand gestures, you can perform all the tasks such as answering the call, opening an email, etc. Jedi-style.

The product has an impressive full-color HUD display, which can be turned on by simply flipping it up and adjusting it to your viewing angle. The display also works in the brightest of days or the darkest of nights, and with an auto contrast technology, it makes sure it doesn’t burn your retinas.

Pic Credits: engadget

The company started their pre-orders from $299, they projected it’s actual price at around $499, but the final cost has hiked up to $799. This is quite a jump, and it has put some serious doubts about the product’s financial viability and market attractiveness. After all, who would spend $800 to perform the same things they can do with their smartphone while parking their car for 10 seconds.

Pic Credits: engadget

But it seems as the product and financial managers at Navdy don’t agree with this, as they have announced that they will officially be shipping their product across the globe. And we can’t deny that the product does look incredibly cool in person!

What are your thoughts on Navdy? Would you buy it despite the hefty price tag? Comment below!

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