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Nautboard Let’s You Swim Underwater Like A Dolphin

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Even the best of swimmers don’t have the fluidity and natural grace of a dolphin. Luckily, Aquanaut International has created the Nautboard to allow you to swim as gracefully as a dolphin underwater. The only additional equipment is a tow vessel and a rope.

The Nautboard is cheaper than other devices that allow people to gracefully swim underwater and is also simpler. It uses a single piece of polypropylene that is described as “unbreakable.” The use of the Nautboard is just as simple as it design.

The tow vessel has to travel at speed of 2-5 knots (3.7-9.3 km/h), while the rider is towed using 30 to 100 feet of rope. The dual side handles make it easy for the rider to maintain their grip and they can simply tilt the gull-wing board to control it (tilt it up to go up and down to go down).

The board allows swimmer to glide at depths of over 23 feet and the faster the tow vessel travels, the greater the dolphin effect and allows for sharp dives and acrobatic tricks. The Nautboard is also floats back to the surface if the rider lets go, making it easy to find.

The Nautboard is available worldwide for a retail price of US$129.99 and single units can be bought online on eBay. Aquanaut International have not released an official video of the Nautboard in action but here is one made by one of the users.

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