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National Flag Of Belarus – The Symbol Of Freedom

The present national flag of Belarus is a red and green flag with a white and red decoration design placed at left side of the flag nearest to the pole. The present flag design was presented in 2012 for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus by State Committee. In May 1995, this design was approved in a referendum and it was adopted. This new design of the flag is actually a modification of the old design of the flag that was used in 1951 when the country was the republic of Soviet Union. Different modifications were made to the flag of Soviet-Union for the removal of signs of communism, for example the star, hammer and sickle were removed and the reversal for the colors of the decoration design, from white on red to red-on white to show their freedom from Soviet. Since the referendum done in 1995, different flags were used from Government agencies and officials. 

This new design of national flag the traditional white-red-white flag used by the Belarusian of 1918, before Belarus became a Communist Republic, and again after it getting its freedom in 1991. Oppositions used this flag during the restrictions of use old flag by the government of Belarus, because it was the statements of the government that it was connected with Nazi cooperation during the Second World War. The white-red-white flag is used in demonstrations against the government and by the Belarusian diaspora. That is the main reason that today many organizations of the Belarusian and Belarusian diaspora opposition do not use the formal Red-Green flag.

This flag is not considerably different from Byelorussian SSR flag, but the removal of the hammer, sickle and the red star. You will see no formal presentation for the color of the flag specified only red-white-red. The description of the flag is given by the president Alexander Lukashenkois that red is the symbol of independence and the sacrifice of the country’s ancestors and forefathers, while green is the symbol of life.

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