NASA’s Mars Rover Has Found A Tiny Stone Arch

Scientists and researchers have been working dedicatedly and relentlessly to find signs of life on planets other than the earth. Recently, there have been discoveries that suggest the presence of water on other planets or a historic presence of water that once existed on those celestial bodies. Mars is said to have some marks on its land that are similar to the patterns of water.

Similarly, traces of water vapor were also found on the moon of Jupiter. These discoveries lead to the hope of scientists for extraterrestrial migration to these places. Moreover, they are still in search of other kinds of evidence to suggest signs of life in those areas.

Recently, they have discovered a naturally formed arch in the Gale Crater. This was observed by the curiosity rover of NASA on Mars. The appearance of this arch is being described as amazing and awe-inspiring. The pictures of this can be accessed through the CNET reports. NASA-JPL engineer Kevin M. Gill has arranged the photographs obtained and has asked the scientists of NASA about the explanation of the existence of this arch.

There are numerous speculations regarding the existence of this small arch. Firstly, it is naturally occurring. This gives room to the possibility of the atmosphere of Mars being fit for life as it suggests it might have been of some use to the people who lived on the planet. Moreover, the arch can symbolize the existence of an old and archaic Martian civilization that may have existed. At the same time, the earth has similar naturally occurring arches as well that were not formed by humans or architects. Thus, it can just be a tiny arch and nothing else. There are various answers but the right one is unknown.

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