NASA’s Artemis I Moon Rocket Launch Has Been Delayed Yet Again

NASA has come again with a piece of bad news. This is not a surprise but certainly a disappointment. Turns out, NASA has delayed its scheduled launch date for Artemis I. It is now scheduled for Nov. 16, two days after it was originally scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center.

The schedule change was made because of the advent of Tropical Storm Nicole in Florida.

“Adjusting the target launch date will allow the workforce to tend to the needs of their families and homes, and provide sufficient logistical time to get back into launch status following the storm,” NASA said in a statement.

This is not the first of either mechanical or weather delays. 

The very first time, it was slated for launch on Aug. 29. The date was revised when it was discovered that the spacecraft had issues with a hydrogen leak. Another technical issue led to a delay, then Hurricane Ian became another reason for postponing the launch from the expected date.

Artemis I will be unmanned but Artemis II will send four astronauts on a flyby of the moon. It’s scheduled to take place in 2024. Artemis III is expected to have a crewed mission to the moon’s surface.

The agency has not spoken about the delay in the subsequent missions due to delays in Artemis I yet.

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