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NASA Scientist Creates A Lemon Battery For His Volkswagen Electric Supercar

volkswagen lemon powered supercharge car

Car manufacturer’s are building electric cars, and nearly every company is a part of this race, including Volkswagen. When Volkswagen was competing at the Pikes Peak International Hill climb with their I.D.R Pikes Peak all-electric supercar, they also wanted to take the car’s charging capabilities and creativity to the next level. The company hired a retired NASA engineer, Mark Rober, to build a unique charging system for their electric vehicle. There were no plans on how to build the battery, so Rober decided that a lemon battery will be a good idea for the car.

Rober took Volkswagen’s large 48kWh battery pack and decided to make the world’s largest lemon battery to run it. The invention is now a Guinness World Record. The battery failed to produce enough power for the climb, however, the experiment resulted in creating a record-breaking battery.

Rober documented the complete journey of building the lemon-powered battery and posted it on his YouTube for the viewers to see and enjoy it. The video is almost like a do-it-yourself show, but it can be hard for viewers to get lemons in such a high quantity. Watch the video below to see how Rober pulled off a school project on a beast-sized version of a car.