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Tesla Unveils New Version Of Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla Latest Solar Roof Tiles Have Been Unveiled With A Warranty Of 25 Years

Tesla has recently announced its latest Solar Roof tiles during its earnings calls. As per Elon Musk, if you are in need of a new roof, then these tiles will prove to be more cost-effective as opposed to a new roof and solar panels.

This is the third version of the Solar Roof tiles from the company, and with this version, Tesla has enhanced power density while reducing the parts that are used in the tiles by half, thus reducing the cost of the tiles drastically. Musk did say that almost 80% of the time, the Solar Roof will be cheaper as opposed to getting a new roof and solar panels.

The company is focusing on the time required for installation and the ease of installation for its Solar Roof tiles. It will be initially offering installation by the company but will eventually shift towards utilizing the services of a third-party contractor for installing the roofs. The goal is to have these roofs installed in eight hours. If you have ever had a roof installed, you are very well aware that it takes a day for the installation. Therefore, in comparison, eight hours are actually quite quick.

Currently, you can only place an order for the black glass style tiles. However, the company is hoping to have new variants available every six to nine months. Talking on the performance spectrum, we are sure you are wondering about the efficiency of the tiles versus a panel. On the cell level, Tesla is focusing on energy equivalency but does admit to having a single-digit hit to the efficiency for the sake of the aesthetics. However, it does claim that you can enjoy a larger area of tiles as opposed to the panels that you would have to get installed. Thus it is a better solution on account of the area that is being covered.

You can order the new Solar Roof, and the company is hopeful that it will be able to commence installation on customers’ houses within a few weeks. The tiles come with a 25-year warranty as well!

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