NASA Says The Moon Will Cause Record Flooding In The 2030s

Owing to global warming and extreme shifts in temperature, calamities, and disasters like hurricanes or floods have intensified. They are more frequent in nature and have more intensity. Besides these natural changes and gradual shifts in the environment due to temperature changes, there are some other things that may have an effect on nature.

Recently, it has been revealed that the moon may shift its orbit by a slight proportion. This slight shift will lead to higher tides caused by the lunar pull. There is already an ample amount of water in the seas due to melting glaciers and now the effect of the moon on the water will definitely lead to graver consequences. This is speculated to occur in the 2030s and the most influenced areas will be the coasts of the US.

The flooding caused by lunar tide pulls is called nuisance flooding and if they are more frequent and of significant intensity, they have a likelihood of affecting the daily lives of people who reside close to the seashore. Businesses that are set up along the coastline are forced to shut down too. Sometimes, the water overspills and leads to blockage of roads and even enters the homes of people, living too close to the coastline. All these consequences will be amplified by a stronger tidal pull of the moon by the 2030s.

People even lose jobs due to the coastline being flooded every other day during the month. The water also causes the cesspools to overflow which turns into a health hazard. It is estimated that the sea levels will rise by 1 to 12 feet as compared to the levels in 2000 by the year, 2100. It is about time that precautionary measures are adopted and special considerations are made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other factors that contribute to rising sea levels. The report is published in the journal, Nature Climate Change.

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