NASA Releases Breathtaking Panorama Taken By The New Martian Rover

You can hear the wind blowing on the red planet for the first time, thanks to a detailed panorama view taken by the new Martian rover. It used its camera to put together the breathtaking view and engaged its microphone, giving the viewers a sense of how it feels on Mars.

The stunning 360-degree panorama was made possible after the Rover took several thousand photos from its Mastcam-Z camera, out of which 992 were put together, representing 2.4 billion pixels of Mars goodness. As per NASA, the Rover took some 75,000 images, out of which around 1,000 images were selected carefully to optimize the final view that viewers were going to see.

The earlier images taken by Perseverance may not have been anything special, but the newly released 360-degree panorama of the “Van Zyl Overlook” in the Jezero Crater demonstrates how the dried-up bed of an ancient lake looks like on the red planet. You can toggle around in the video using the on-screen joystick to enjoy the full 360-degree view. I was amazed to have a look at the breathtaking view with clearer imagery than ever before. The surface has a touch of red color, and the same goes for the sky of the red planet.

NASA seems to be progressing at a good pace now in discovering and keeping us all in the loop about the chances of human settlement on Mars. The Rover has already shown that it is possible to generate oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. More of the extensive scientific exploration of the planet is under process at a remarkable pace.

“Over the next several months, Perseverance will be exploring a 1.5-square-mile patch of the crater floor,” said Jennifer Trosper, Perseverance project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “It is from this location that the first samples from another planet will be collected for return to Earth by a future mission,” she added.

The six-wheeled rover is capable of cruising around on the Martian surface. This time around, the Rover was parked at the overlook and took thousands of shots, out of which the best images were put together that combined brought us with the breathtaking 360-degree panorama view.

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