NASA Just Released These Images Showing How Supersonic Aircraft of Future Will Look Like

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look Like 3

The future is never certain (yes, the line is from movies that feature time travel) and is always morphing, changing into something else based on current events. However, that has never kept anyone away from speculating about what the future might be. While some of these predictions are based upon creativity, some of them are based on the current technology and the ability to foresee its uses in the future. This article is about the latter among the two; we have compiled pictures of airplanes of the future. Now while yes, there’s definitely some creativity going on here; it is not the only deciding factor. In fact, these predictions about the future airplanes are based upon the current technology and the direction in which research and manufacturing is being geared.

Now, future planes will of course be in a wide variety with some of them being used for military purposes while others will be used for commercial and leisure purposes. The following images of future aircraft will cover all three varieties of aircraft.

The propulsion method employed by the planes of the future shall vary from plane to plane. However, would most likely feature JP-8 fuel mixtures focused on hydrogen, biofuels, plug-in battery hybrids, hydrogen peroxide, magnetic energy, plasma reactors and nuclear reactors. This is just to give you a glimpse of what the future planes will look like. The future aircraft will be the end result of research and hard work of years and coupled with the technological advancements, we are sure they would be something to marvel.

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look LikeWhat you’re looking at is a NASA concept supersonic aircraft that makes use of green fuel and will be manufactured with little or no carbon footprint at all. (NASA Supersonic Green).

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look Like 2What’s going on here? Well, this is one take on the future aircraft and talks about a large aircraft that will simply circle the Earth above a number of cities and shall feature smaller airplanes that will be used for taking the passengers to airports, thus saving fuel and time.

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look Like 3The NASA Blended-Wing-Body aircraft concept that has been co-developed by collaboration with UC Irvine, CA basically to demonstrate how the futuristic design will allow to reduce fuel consumption.

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look Like 4This may look like a stretch when you look at the current technology. However, despite being on the border of science fiction, this is what traveling in the future will look like as per the predictions being made by NASA. NASA says this futuristic aircraft could be here in the next 50 years.

This Is What The Aircrafts Of The Future Will Look Like 5Check out what the future aircraft designed for Mars will look like. Seems like Elon Musk’s hyperloop might have a competitor on Mars.

The photos of future aircrafts basically just give you a little sneak preview of what the future holds for us. The images included here, pertaining to future airplanes, are based on projections and predictions that are known to be true as of today.

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  1. John Frazer Reply

    Boeing must wait for Burnelli’s heirs to sell the company and patents, because they will never build a BWB or lifting body, as long as they would have to pay patent royalties to Burnelli. They’ve avoided it for decades, but if NASA says these are the future aircraft, they’ll have acknowledge Burnelli patents from the ’50s and ’60s as “Future aircraft.
    and that they’ve been resisting these types of clearly superior aircraft, for shallow stupid politics.

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