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NASA Has Released New Images of the Milky Way’s ‘Violent Core’

NASA Releases New Images of the Milky Way's 'Violent Core'

The most intriguing of all space images is the new one from NASA, showing the core of the Milky Way.

NASA brings us all the space content, and a chance for us to learn about the phenomenon’s taking place out and beyond. But the new one it has for us in store will leave you wondering as to what wonders do the space keep, and as to how huge is it all?

Every now and then we get to witness the amazingly haunting space operations of nature, caught by NASA, this time around, it seems like the space agency has outdone its all-previous records and caught and aired a new stunningly detailed image of the Milky Way’s “Violent Core.”

The image was taken thanks to NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory and the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa.

“The new panorama of the Galactic Center builds on previous surveys from Chandra and other telescopes. This latest version expands Chandra’s high-energy view farther above and below the plane of the Galaxy — that is, the disk where most of the Galaxy’s stars reside — than previous imaging endeavors. In the image featured in our main graphic, X-rays from Chandra are orange, green, blue, and purple, showing different X-ray energies, and the radio data from MeerKAT are shown in lilac and gray. The main features in the image are shown in a labeled version,” writes NASA in its post containing the awe-inspiring image.

The Space Agency pointed out an intriguing thread containing X-ray and radio emission intertwined and is approximately 20 light-years long but remains one-hundredth that size in width.

Daniel Wang of the University of Massachusetts studied the thread and revealed that its contents are bound together with thin strips of the magnetic field. The eye-catching process is called magnetic reconnection and reminds us of the phenomenon that sparks energetic particles to drive away from the Sun. It also depicts the space weather that on rare occasions have been found affecting weather down on earth as well.

The new astonishing image by NASA also reveals massive plumes of hot gas. These plumes of hot gas extending for approximately 700 light-years above and below the plane of the galaxy and NASA assumes they may be galactic-scale outflows.

The new image by NASA is a true gift for space lovers and for those interested in the phenomenon’s taking place out and beyond.

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