NASA Has Finally Given Us A Launch Date For The James Webb Space Telescope

From the progress made in the arena of space and extraterrestrial bodies so far, it is convenient to assume that the knowledge and information we have so far is sufficient. It is only sensible to think that, given that, we have made it to space tourism and space travel. Along with that, the discourse of space colonization is steering towards practicality as well. However, there is still a massive amount of area and knowledge that is yet to be discovered. Scientists and researchers are working on it.

If you are a tech and space enthusiast, you might know that there has been a development in the progress of the construction of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. This telescope will have more power and resolution to gather more information. People have been waiting for the past 14 years for this as its making was delayed.

James Webb telescope © NASA/Getty

The official date of its launch is decided to be December 18. It was published in Agence France-Presse . The telescope is the output of collaboration among NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. This will allow them to find more of the land that can be colonized or not colonized. This may even talk about aliens.

The older telescope, The Hubble Space Telescope is still fully functional and making discoveries. However, astronomers are of the view that there is more to space than what Hubble is showing. Hence, they are moving towards another device. Earlier, the Hubble Telescope went out of order for around a month as well. This created problems and showed the astronomers how much another telescope is needed.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope being prepped for shipment to its launch site.

“Webb is an exemplary mission that signifies the epitome of perseverance,” NASA’s Webb program director Gregory Robinson said in a NASA announcement.

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