NASA Con Men Wearing Space Suits In India Paraded Around By Police

NASA con men in India were paraded around by the police after being caught in India, The man and his son were pretending to work for NASA and were trying to defraud a businessman. The footage of the two being taken into police custody has taken the internet by storm.

According to the reports, the pair allegedly convinced the victim to buy a copper plate for $213,156 as they claimed it had special properties. They told the businessmen that he would be able to make a profit by selling the item to the space agency.

The NASA con men were passing off the metal plate as a rare piece of copper which they claimed was struck by a thunderbolt. They assured the man that he could sell it to NASA for $5.5 billion. The police told the media that they covered the copper plate with a liquid magnet in order to fool the businessman.

The businessman went to the police with a complaint and the duo was arrested and have not given any statement. It has sparked a great number of reactions on the social media which you can see below:

Even though they did get caught, one must appreciate the creativity of these con men!


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