NASA Astronaut Returns After A Year. This Is What He Saw During A Year In Space

This Is What He Saw During A Year In Space

You all know about NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. He went to space about a year ago to study the effects of life in outer space on human body.

Following months of exhaustive research, Kelly is back home. Kelly and fellow astronauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov landed safely back on Earth.

As expected, the journey was filled with amazing incidents and what follows are some of the Scott Kelly’s most wonderful social media posts.

During the time he spent at International Space Station, Scott Kelly was able to witness some really breathtaking sights.

Most of his time was spent, however, working hard.

Can anyone get sick of this view?

Check out South Africa.

Earth’s oceans look even more mesmerizing from outer space.

The Himalayas look kind of really small from up there.

Kelly was able to get a shot of the Northern Lights.

Does it get any more amazing than this?

Even after a year, such scenes took his breath away.

The final sunrise in space before he came back home.

He is thankful to be back to Earth despite witnessing some life-affirming sights.

Welcome back, Scott Kelly!

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