NASA Asked The Internet For Help In Naming The Newly Discovered Planets And The Results Are Hilarious

New planets TRAPPIST-I (2)

NASA just discovered a new planetary system with seven Earth-like planets. This discovery is regarded as one of the most groundbreaking space-related findings to date. The star of the discovered ‘sister solar system’ was named TRAPPIST-I. Hence, the system got to be called the TRAPPIST-I system. All the planets of our solar system were named after Greek Gods and Goddesses, but it looks like we can not apply the same nomenclature to the newly discovered system.

Source: NASA

Naming all the planets of the TRAPPIST-I system appropriately will take a lot of time and effort. Up till now, NASA has been using alphabets for labeling the planets, but even they admit that it is probably harder to name things than discovering them. So, NASA called the public for help on Twitter with the hashtag #7NamesFor7NewPlanets.

While the plea may have been very serious, the results were hilarious.

Oh weekdays, because why not?

This guy is apparently an Apple freak.

This one is a serious suggestion. Why should we not name them after the first seven people in space?

Here comes, the super political suggestions!

Remember that these new planets orbit a dwarf star? This one is a pretty good joke.

Some people were not creative at all.

Obviously, the Harry Potter suggestions were the most popular.

What could possibly go wrong with Star Trek names?

Yeah, and who is NASA to decide the names anyway?

The world has been unfair to Pluto.

Usually, all inventions and discoveries are named after their discoverers, but where is the fun in that? Go to twitter and hop in the challenge, one of your suggested names may be named after your suggestion if it is in accordance with the International Astronomical Union’s recommendations. The names should be one-word names, easily pronounceable, and not similar to the name of other existing bodies.

What names would you suggest for these planets? Comment below!


  1. Jeffrey A Reply

    1- Rochefort
    2- Westmalle
    3- Westvleteren
    4- Chimay
    5- Orval
    6- Achel
    7- La Trappe

  2. CK Loh Reply

    1. Luffy
    2. Zoro
    3. Sanji
    4. Usop
    5. Nami
    6. Chopper
    7. Robin

    If got moon, please name it Frankie, Brook, Sunny, ….

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