Must Do Home Improvements Before Selling Your House

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Home improvement can increase the value your property sells for in a substantial way. If you’re really planning to sell, you should prepare several months in advance. In fact, it would be wisest to determine you were going to sell a year or two in advance, then sell. This will allow you to get all the “honey-do’s” done, and complete some remodeling. However, if you are a landlord / rental property owner and the house you are wanting to sell has active tenants, it is advisable to get a good rental agreement form that way it is easy to end the contract when it works best for you to sell the house. An example would be if you are living in New Jersey then you need to get a New Jersey lease agreement form.

However it’s also true that the majority of people who decide to sell don’t do so with a cushion of several years beforehand. Accordingly, in this writing we’ll cover several levels of preparation, including strategically informing your approach several years beforehand, getting the most from an as-is property, and effecting varying levels of remodel for best results. Buyers are often concerned about their home warranty coverage. Make sure you are well aware of what’s covered and what’s not so you can pass those details on to them. Moreover, its always a good idea to use building information modeling software to analyse your home.

First: Inform Yourself Through The Experts
Expertise saves you a lot of trouble. There’s an old saying: plans will fail without the right advice. Certainly there are things you can do in your own power, and in your own experience; but why reinvent the wheel when there’s ready advice out there? You can get consultants to come onto your property and tell you the kind of changes that will be best.

Additionally, you can go online and find sites who offer prime tips as a means of assisting you in your pre-sale remodel efforts. Sometimes there are very simple things you can do, sometimes there are aspects of preparation you may not have considered. Sites like this one,, can do much for you.

Effective Remodeling: Landscaping, Out Buildings, And More
With a little advice, you can determine which of the following suggestions best fit your property. Landscaping can give your property tens of thousands of dollars in expanded value. This is best to start upon property acquisition, but there are things you can do a few years beforehand. You can put in fences, wood chip pathways, lawns, bushes, or flowers.

Plenty of options are available that may work; if you spend a few years husbanding the plants, it can make a “basic” home have the appearance of an estate. Landscaping is very worthwhile, and it’s also quite trendy. Something else that is trending is the “Earth-ship” movement. This is basically the creation of totally sustainable living.

Indoor greenhouses can act as a garden, you can add a solar array for only a few thousand dollars that provides total energy, cutting out utility bills, expanding property value, and saving you money even as your property expands the level at which it can be listed.

Wind energy and water energy may also be viable depending on your region. You can be grid-independent, and that’s very attractive; the alterations to make this possible may only require a few months or years to effectively implement. On that note, outbuildings can be cost-effective and expand property value. A tiny home in the backyard can act like a rental property.

Basic Repairs On The Inside And Outside
Certainly, these are some high-level refurbishments. You don’t have to go quite this far. Clean up, paint, and decorate the attic. You can make the walls look attractive and put carpets on the floor. Now you’ve got a new room in the house that may be a guest bedroom, a child’s bedroom, an observatory, or a reading room.

Finish that basement. You could make it into an entertainment center. You might install a bar. You might make an indoor basement theater with some good home theater system. This could also be a bedroom. Right now it’s probably a storage area, but there’s so much more you could do with that space—so look into it!

Next, consider all the little honey-do’s. Add another layer of finishing polyurethane to the wooden floors, but be sure you re-stain them beforehand. Patch up the roof. Put in some new tiles. Replace lightbulbs with LED options you can control with your smartphone—they’re about $12 a pop and show all the colors of the rainbow; that’s a small touch that looks high-end!

Find ways of expanding property value through simple maintenance. Go from room to room and level to level determining what needs to be done. Make a list, clean everything up, and do things one at a time. It may take you a few weeks or months, but in the end, you’ll have a much nicer property that will sell much higher.

When Selling As Is, You May Not Be There – Install An Alarm
Of course, there are many situations where you have no time, inclination, or ability to refurbish the property you’re selling, and you’ve got to take an “as-is” approach.

In this scenario, especially if you’re not continuously on the premises, what you’ll want to do is button up the home as best you can, and install some sort of alarm monitoring solution as a means of deferring break-ins.

Alarm systems can be cost-effectively installed, and this is something that may additionally increase property value on a property you’re doing more with than simply selling as it is. So regardless of whether you’re insuring the safety of a home you plan on doing nothing more with, or you’re making your existing property the best it can be, alarm systems make sense.

Maximizing Profitable Property Potential
Look into refurbishments, augmentation, outbuildings, landscaping, alarm systems, and basic honey-do’s. These things are essential and straightforward for the most part even with as-is properties; but don’t forget one last thing: assure you use consultation and research to inform your moves for best results.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Research and consultation helps you find the information you wouldn’t come across otherwise. Sustainable solutions, specific property upgrades, and more may be worthwhile for your property. Every home is different.


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