Musk Has Revealed New Tesla Easter Eggs On Instagram

easter eggs tesla

Elon Musk posts so much on his Twitter and Instagram that it becomes hard to recognize which is the truth and which is the joke. But most of the recent posts are a fun surprise for Tesla owners. Musk recently showed off some of the new Easter Eggs in his Instagram post. To access the Easter Eggs, the driver has to tap on the console, pick their feature and enjoy. There are not many details available on what each egg does, but there are few things that you can guess.

There is a cowbell labeled egg, called “MORE COWBELL”. This is a reference to a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch from 2000 which starred Christopher Walken. There is also another one which appears to be a wrap speed overlay. You can hope that it sends a Tesla owner’s console into “hyperdrive”. It seems like the Model S is getting the James Bond’s signature Lotus of “007” too. This is not the first time Musk has introduced Easter Eggs in his cars. In Tesla with the Autopilot, drivers can press the Autopilot button four times to activate Mario Kart.

There is also an availability to transform the vehicle into the Mars rover. This can be activated by holding down the Tesla logo on the top of the screen and enter “mars” as the activation code. Easters Eggs are always fun but there is also some concern that the humans behind the wheels might get distracted by the feature. On his post, fans pointed out that the maker of an autonomous car is appreciating the drivers to look away from the road. The National Transportation Safety Board also said that it was unhappy with Tesla after a Model X Autopilot was operating and caused the death of an Apple Engineer. Tesla also announced that it was moving its Autopilot controls to the steering wheel for its latest Model 3 update.

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