Musk Has Posted A Video Of Tunnel Digging Machine Which Is Operated By An Xbox Controller

musk boring company tunnel digging machine controlled by xbox controller

The massive tunnel projects of Elon Musk’s Boring Company, which include the Hyperloop and the latest O’Hare Airport-Downtown Chicago plan, are progressing speedily. While the company says that the work is in progress, it is also essential that the public get a teaser of the projects in the form of a short video clip which gives an idea about the development of the plan. Musk shared a short video on Twitter which showed someone using an Xbox controller to use one of the company’s Tunning Boring Machines (TBM). The company is currently working on four projects, and all of these are at different stages.

musk boring company tunnel digging machine controlled by xbox controller

The most recent project is Dugout Loop, which was announced less than a month ago. The first boring machine, Godot, has been assigned the task of creating a 4.3km tunnel below Interstate 405. This is a highly congested road which runs through southern California. Like Musk’s other actions, this act also appears to be another fresh approach to maintain interest in his projects and ideas. Musk keep finding clever and inventive ways to engage his audience.

This is a crucial task for one reason that the companies he is overseeing cover a range of sectors starting from space science to electric cars. Similarly, the people he works with and interacts to support, fund and run his projects are also very diverse. Musk earned the respect and appreciation from his colleagues because of his quality of being honest and transparent. He is also aware that feasibility and execution concerns are there; however, he chooses to focus on the progress and improvement instead of looking at the criticism.

musk boring company tunnel digging machine controlled by xbox controller

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Musk shared his ideology behind the Hyperloop project and said, “I’m not saying it’s going to be successful. It’s not, like, asserting it’s going to be successful. But so far I’ve lived in LA for 16 years, and the traffic has always been terrible. And so I don’t see any other ideas for improving the traffic. So in desperation, we are going to build a tunnel, and maybe that tunnel will be successful. And maybe it won’t. I’m not trying to convince you it’s going to work. Or anyone.”

The funds for all of these projects are raised independently. The vision of this company as well as Tesla began with Musk’s desperate desire to improve the transportation realities for Californian citizens. They have expanded the projects which will have a significant impact in the USA once they are all completed.

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