Multiple Nations Are Joining Together To Salvage A Spanish Ship With $17 Billion In Treasure

The story of the famous 18th-century Spanish galleon San Jose reads like something from the Golden Age of piracy and naval warfare. The ship sank near the Caribbean port city of Cartagena in 1708 after a battle with the British army during the War of the Spanish Succession. Filled with treasures such as gold, silver and emeralds, San Jose has long been a place of attraction and speculation.

In 2015, the Colombian navy discovered the wreck of the San José deep in Caribbean waters, but its location remains a closely guarded secret. The discovery sparked a legal battle involving indigenous peoples of Colombia, Spain, Bolivia and a U.S.-based conservation company vying for a piece of the property worth about $17 billion.

Efforts to revitalize San Jose and its riches face many challenges. The Colombian Navy, in cooperation with other companies, began the difficult task of salvaging the sunken ship and its valuables. However, plans to auction part of the cargo for commercial purposes were opposed by UNESCO and the Colombian Supreme Court, citing legal and ethical concerns.

Despite this setback, the Colombian government recently gave the green light to prevent the heritage from being destroyed. Alhena Caicedo, director of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, said the focus is on the history and historical significance of the place, not its financial value.

The conservation team hopes to recover the sunken ship from the seabed and eventually place it in a museum. The museum will allow visitors to discover the secrets of the ocean depths and understand the height of the Spanish Empire.

Rescue work also has its challenges. Saving a ship from the ocean is a rare and difficult task that requires new technology and expertise. But with determination and perseverance, the team is excited at the prospect of uncovering the mystery of the San Jose River and its important role in history.Top of Form

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