Mr. Goxx, The Hamster Who Traded Cryptocurrency, Has Died

The hamster of cryptocurrency trading Mr Goxx, who made headlines around the world for outperforming major stock markets in terms of profit, has died. The furry financier, whose actual name was Max, finished with a 19.72 percent career trading profit, netting his owners about a hundred euros, reported The New York Post.

Goxx’s anonymous caretaker said in a tweet that “Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously,”.

The furball’s financial success and subsequent online renown were the result of a joke amongst the men who sought to demonstrate the randomness of digital currency success. Mr. Goxx’s office was attached to his cage, and he could enter it at any time to trade. A broadcast on Twitch was launched every time he entered, and an automated tweet was sent to his followers to inform them that a trading session had begun. Trades were made based on his actions by a combination of software scripts, computers, and microcontrollers, thus making every trade a random shot in the dark.

His hamster wheel became his approach for deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in. It scrolled through numerous types of crypto coins while he ran, with whatever one was selected when he came to a halt being acquired or sold.

Mr. Goxx’s top three holdings, according to the hamster’s most recent livestream video, were stellar, ether, and chiliz. Mr. Goxx’s success enabled his caretaker to generate almost $12,000 through the sale of Goxx Capital-themed NFTs. According to an October interview with Insider, the money was used to expand the hamster’s trading portfolio and build a bigger and better trading setup.

For the time being, the concept of continuing the crypto trading enterprise with a new pet is irrelevant to the caretaker, who is mourning Mr. Goxx’s death.

With a thank you to Mr. Goxx,  Goxx’s mourning fathers wrote in a tweet “For us humans behind Goxx Capital, the situation is hard to grasp and questions about a possible continuance of the project are not relevant to us at the moment (for now, we will leave everything as is),”.  The thread ended with “You will be missed, and your memory will live forever on the blockchain.”

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