Move Away Apple. OnePlus 5 Becomes the First Andriod Phone To Beat iPhone In Speed Test

A couple of decades ago, we knew nothing of the smartphones. Over these years, the phones have become a necessity for all of us and a craze for many. The top notch smartphone companies are fighting each other with the best of their flagship devices. In all of this craze, tech bloggers and vloggers have been a lot of help to identify the best performing phones with the best features, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

The famous YouTube vlogger, PhoneBuff has put the new OnePlus 5 against the iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test, and the winner came out to be OnePlus 5.

David Rahimi behind the YouTube channel PhoneBuff has been checking smartphones for speed for several years now, and his rankings have placed the iPhone at the top ever since the release of iPhone 6S.


The not so scientific tests spread over two rounds that involve opening a set of apps, and performing tasks like loading videos and exporting files. In the second round, the same apps are opened to see how quickly the phones manage to recall them from memory. Opening the apps in the first round mostly depends on how the phone handles animations while the second one tests the RAM management of the smartphones.

In the first lap, the iPhone’s fine software and hardware optimization won in the app opening speed test, but in the second round, the massive 8GB of OnePlus 5’s RAM recalled apps from memory much faster than the iPhone did.

Knowing how well the OnePlus 5 copied the iPhone in both its design and UI, the copied phone beating the original has come as a shock to many. Watch the entire speed test in the video below:

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