Motoped Survival Bike Can Do 160 Miles In One Gallon

Motoped Survival Bike

Are you ready to meet this amazing bike? Say hello to the Motoped Survival – a bicycle that is motor-assisted and can crack 160 miles on a gallon and is capable of doing 500 miles on a three gallon fill-up thanks to the 49CC motor. It features tie-on points and racks that will allow the user to carry quite a lot of equipment if and when needed.Motoped Survival Bike 2

When it comes to environment, it employs the use of Smart Carb fuel system and according to the manufacturer, carbon footprint can be reduced by about 70% when compared with the similar engines in recreational products. It sure is heavy at 120 pounds, however, can still be pedaled easily.Motoped Survival Bike 3

It is a military inspired super-hauler and sports a universal rack that is capable of accepting a multitude of bolt-on mounts, fitments and harnesses in order to let you carry almost anything imaginable. You won’t be able to win any races on it though with a top speed of 24Mph. The bike will cost you $2499, and yes it not for those who have light pockets.

So would you get one before the zombie apocalypse?


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