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MOTI Is A New Personal Gadget That Stops You From Being Lazy and Makes You Productive

Stop Being Lazy and Get Productive! 2

Lazy folks, yes you all, listen up! MOTI has been created by Kayla Mathew to make you get off your butts and get those tasks done. The gadget works by bringing user’s attention to the daily tasks that need to be performed.

As per Kayla, the goal that MOTI is hoping to achieve is to encourage people to leave the laziness aside and get to work. Smartphones and other wearable gadgets are usually discrete. However, MOTI is not discrete at all. It works as a vibrational alarm that will keep on buzzing till you perform the task. The idea is to make people more proactive. The users program the task, for instance, working out or drinking water regularly. The device flashes in red color and vibrate. If you don’t attend to the task, the vibrations and color intensity will increase. The gadget only settles down once you have completed the task and hit the single button.

Apart from reminding you of tasks that you have to perform, MOTI also rewards you when you complete a task. The reward is in the form of color change a quieter environment. According to Kayla, the gadget works in 3 steps for the user to complete any task; a trigger, a routine and a reward.

It has been designed to be simple and easier to use. The idea is to not let the user ignore the notifications like it can be done with smartphones and other wearable technologies. These devices need to be in sight 24/7 in order to make them effective and thus have to be attractive as well. There are, as of now, three prototypes of MOTI. One of them features ears while other sports arms and the last one is similar to an eye. The idea is to impart the feeling of being watched to the users thus making them more likely to complete the task.

The model is still being developed and shall be making it to the market later this year.

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