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Guy Reinvents Cooler And It Can Do A Lot More Than Just Chill Your Drinks

Now coolers are a necessity in summers, especially when you have planned a picnic. Yet, they are so boring, easily breakable, and bulky!

What if they could make your drink besides storing it? And would have a built-in ice crusher? And a water-proof Bluetooth speaker? And a built-in USB Charger? What would you be looking at is the coolest cooler of 21st Century.

Ryan Grepper from Portland decided to re-invent the cooler that would do a lot more than keeping the beverages cold. The cooler has, ofcourse, a decent amount of space for storing BBQ and beers and comes in a range of six colors. Besides, there is an 18V Battery powered rechargeable blender, removable water-proof Bluetooth speaker and a USB charger. It also packs a cutting board which partitions the cooler into food and beverages section as well. It’s like a picnic basket in which you have extra storage for plates, a ceramic knife and  a built in bottle opener.


It features an LED so that you can see the drink section at night without letting too much heat in. The extra wide tires facilitate easy rolling without skidding. So, whether you want some piña coladas or you need to charge your phone, Coolest cooler is the solution. No doubt the Coolest is a ‘portable party disguised as a cooler’. To be more specific, a party that can go out all night with music on the water-proof speakers.


The project hasreeled in $4.1 million on Kickstarter and the amount is ’80 times’ what Ryan Geeper had aimed for, plus there are still 46 days to go. It is sure to raise more funds in the coming days. The shipment is expected to start in February 2015.

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