Mother Spends $150,000 To Construct Footbridges So Son Could Travel Safely To School

There is still good left in some people, as proving the statement is a woman from China who chose to spend a million Yuan ($150,000) to build two bridges outside her kid’s school instead of spending the amount in buying herself pleasures of life.

The loving mother belongs to China’s Henan province. Crossing the road outside the school wasn’t an easy feat, for teachers, parents, or students. And there was also an absence of stop signs in the proximity.

The woman with the surname Meng told Henan TV that the road outside her kid’s school was mostly found congested, and children crossing it posed serious risks for an accident. The lack of stop signs or speed-breakers in the vicinity just worsened the situation.

Her son mostly used to come back from the school with feet soaked in water because the school lies on the lower ground, and outside puddles accounted for turning her son’s feet to white. She couldn’t really see this happen to her child and to others and chose to spend more than a million Yuan in building two metal footbridges outside the school that also allowed for easy and hassle-free crossings.

“There will be deep water and it is very difficult to cross the road,” the woman said. “The water will spill over the stairs where school children stand to wait for their parents like little birds. They looked miserable. My child’s feet turned white because they were soaking in water.”

The metal bridges have been approved by the local bureau of housing and urban development, however, the project is exclusively being funded by the loving mother. One of them is completed and the second one is undergoing initial stages of development.

Ms. Meng said that she didn’t tell her son that she funded the bridges so that he doesn’t boast about it in front of his class fellows. She is of the view that the money is of no use when you die, and she said she doesn’t want to leave much money for her child. Moreover, she said that she will call the bridge “the wisdom bridge, students crossing the bridge can get wiser and wiser.”  

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