Most Watched Engineering Videos Of This Week (2 March 2014)

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Here are some of the most watched engineering videos of this week ending 2nd March 2014. The videos are not in any particular order. Sit back, enjoy and let us know your favorite video in the comments below.

1. The “5 Gallon Bucked” Ice Cooled Air Cooler


2. Vinegar the magic potion. Watch and SAVE lots of money

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3.Award Winning Impossible Rooftop Illusion

4. Word Lens Is The Most Amazing Thing You Will Ever See

5. 10 Amazing Science Magic Tricks

6. Crazy Mini Crossbow

7. Exploding electronic components in HD

8. Amazing Water Jet

9. Mini Matchstick Gun – The Clothespin Pocket Pistol

10. Samsung GALAXY S5 First Look

11. Magnetic Putty Is The Most Crazy Substance You’ll Ever See

12. This Smartphone Simply Doesn’t Die

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