Most Apple Services, Including iCloud And iMessage, Disrupted By A Severe Outage

On Monday, some Apple customers, including corporate employees, were left in the dark when Apple servers were down most of the day. After a few hours, Apple repaired the network outage, claiming that a domain name system, often known as DNS, was to blame for the outage, which impacted numerous of its popular services throughout the world.

Several Apple apps were knocked out, including App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, iCloud (Account & Sign In, Calendar, Drive, Keychain, Mail and Web Apps), iOS Device Activation, Find My, Maps (Display, Navigation, Search and Traffic), AppleCare on Device, iTunes Store, Fitness Plus, Podcasts, and Radio.

Some Apple services suffering outages

Apple’s major services were affected, creating havoc for both customers and Apple employees. For example, corporate personnel could not work from home due to network server issues. At the same time, retail employees were forced to utilise pen and paper to register new clients and file product service-related complaints. As a result, important customer services such as product repairs and exchanges were impacted.

Apple had a critical services outage earlier today - the interface

According to the company, the disruption was caused by a problem with Apple’s DNS server. DNS failures are common, mainly driven by human error, but Apple has not stated what caused the DNS network failure.

Furthermore, Apple’s developer status website was inaccessible during the outage, although it restored operations after a few hours. At least 15 Apple services were unavailable. While the impact of the outage was extensive, Apple minimised the problem in a statement, stating it affected “some users.”

While network disruptions have grown more regular in recent years, they remain a rarity for Apple, prioritising the user experience over everything else. However, even Apple is constrained by internet abnormalities. Surprisingly, Apple was not the only corporation that experienced network problems on Monday.

Apple outage affecting Music, Maps, iTunes and more

According to reports, Amazon’s web services (AWS) and Google also had outages around the same time, but not to the same extent as Apple’s network disruption. 

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